AppIntelligent - AppRomero Projects.

Social - Care - Interact - Share.

We Help All Us, Seniors, Dependent, People in Media, Health, Culture, Sharing Alternative Economy.

AppCare is an example of Services Platform for Senior, Dependent People, and for all us.

We all want to facilitate life to our seniors and dependent people, as well as to be near them even when we can not be. But in remote, we can do a lot of things...

InteracTV is an example of How we can Live special experiences. And how only one person can broadcast, unique experience to the others.

For all us, we do not want to move from home and we want to have special experiences. Senior, Dependent People, and for all us.

Speaker in WIP Mobile World Congress 2014.

TV La2, Vueling Prize.

1st Prize Best StartUp Project in #BizMatch by Vueling October 2014. Press Releases